Pilinglight should be 1.5"-2" larger than piling

- drill four 1/4"holes for mounting.

- use the supplied stainless steel screws with washers. be careful not to over tighten screws as to deform cap.

- make all electrical connections under cap using the supplied silicon filled wire nuts.

- polarity must be followed, pilingcaps to be wired in parallel only a dc driver of sufficient
  capacity is needed. multiply number of caps X wattage and add 25% for proper driver size.  always use a larger capacity driver

- make sure proper voltage driver is used. ie: 24 volt for 24 volt pilinglight, 12 volt for 12 volt pilinglight (see cart to purchase)

- 12 gauge stranded low voltage wire is recommended.  the wire runing up the piling should be in pvc conduit,  run under an appropriate fender or other trim.

It is the sole responsibility of the installer that all local and NEC codes are followed.

Wire installation: There are many ways to install and hide the wire going up the piling. If conduit is used be sure to allow sufficient cap size to accommodate the conduit. short pilings have been successfully drilled. A popular solution is the use of fender material with the wire running on the inside of the fender such as this picture.

Ordering instructions for drivers: multiply number of pilinglights by their wattage. it is recommended the LED driver to have a 25% greater capacity than the actual load (total wattage). if you have any questions what the proper driver is, please use "contact" for fast answers.