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 Assembled in the USA with global components

PilingLight Advantages

- Improves safety and security on your dock with "no glare" lighting
- L
ong life efficient LEDs
- No bulbs to replace ever!
- There are no parts that will corrode or rust
- 2700 kelvin warm white light
- There is nothing for dock lines to get caught on
- No unsightly fixtures
- Protects pilings from rot and supplies light
- Discourages birds from roosting on pilings
- Lights between the dock and boat


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Pilinglights use long lasting weatherproofed LEDs.  All electrical connections are made under the cap adding to additional corrosion protection.  There are no bulbs to change, ever!  The cap is made of UV stabilized polyethylene.  Besides hiding the light source, the cap protects the piling from inside rot damage, and also discourages birds from roosting on the dock. There is nothing to corrode or rust.

Pilinglight is available in many sizes for pilings 6 to 16.5" in diameter.  Power is supplied via a 12 Volt DC LED Driver, offering 50w, 150w, and 200w drivers.

Pilinglights should be 1.5"-2" larger than the diameter of the piling.  Measure ALL pilings!

During the day there are no unsightly fixtures to look at. At night your dock comes alive with "no glare" light. Improve the safety and beauty of your dock with Pilinglight.  

Pilinglight is easy to control. photo cell, timer, and even a remote control are quick and easy switching choices.  

All products are covered by a three year warranty. Life expectancy is much more. Without glare from Pilinglight, there will be no neighbor complaints, just envy!

Fast shipping. Technical support questions are promptly answered. Assembled in the U.S.

SPECIAL ORDERS: green, blue, amber, red, square.  Call 941.504.9087 for details.

Pilinglight looks great used in landscapes and walkways too!

Pilinglight is happy to announce "Special Orders" for the following items:

Red and Amber "Turtle Friendly" Pilinglight, 24 volt only, all standard sizes

Blue and Green Pilinglight, 24 volt only, all standard sizes

Square Pilinglights are now available 8"-20", black only.  12 or 24 volt, all colors

Flat Pilinglight 8"-18" black only, 12 or 24 volt, all colors


Special orders are priced individually.  Delivery times may vary.  All inquiries via this website or by calling 941.504.9087

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